WORLD CHANGERS SMALL GROUPS provides small group ministry for high school teens (9TH grade and up) in a church and community setting for spiritual support, community support, life transition group support, and family support. The ministry connects teens together locally in fellowship with young adult mentors by inspiring them to live a devoted life led by Jesus Christ.

Scripture Encouragement:

“He who neglects discipline despises himself, but he who listens to reproof acquires understanding”. Proverbs 15:32



  1. Provide devotional readings weekly
  2. Connect weekly (text, phone, email, social media) in small groups of 7-10 to increase positive relationships in the faith and provide a safe environment where support is the main focus
  3. Network and provide spiritual connections with mentors and other teens via text, social media, at church, and during community events
  4. Increase support across settings with rewards in place (group member of the month, team player of the month, most positive teen of the month)
  5. Biannual Award ceremonies to recognize group’s members achievements and accomplishments such as academic, sports, community and more…
  6. Monthly activities, local community service projects and fellowship to maintain consistency by challenging teens to live like Christ.
  7. Foster positive support building teens to be leaders and WORLD CHANGERS.
  8. Fellowship with other teens, spreading the gospel, and sharing Christ with other teens via outreach and creative activities.


To join our small group ministry

  • You must attend the 11am Sunday morning Next Dimension Youth Worship Services at least two times per month.



More to come for 2016….


We are in NEED OF MENTORS. If you are over 21 years of age, highly-motivated, a member of BBC and looking to pour into our youth, WE NEED YOU. Please contact:

Sis. Nequetta Alford

Small Group Ministry Director